Metal mine tailings remediation; Environmental Microbiology, Microbial biofilm, and Biofilm biotechnology

 Research will focus on environmental microbiology in the complex system of tailings/technosols-rhizosphere.


Jing Zhao is currently a Postdoctoral research fellow at the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI), University of Queensland. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Engineering, and completed her PhD in Chemical Engineering (ACWEB, The University of Queensland).  Jing was a recipient of a UQ and RTP Scholarship and UQ Career Development Scholarship and received a UQ Outstanding Student Contribution to Faculty Life award in 2021. Her previous research focused on the bioremediation of environmental pollutants from wastewater, from the basic study of microbial metabolism to molecular genetics and biotechnological applications. She developed knowledge and skills in bioremediation, biofilm biotechnology, microbial bioreactor, environmental microbiology, and molecular microbiology, e.g., fluorescence biotechnology, Fluorescence in situ Hybridization, and confocal microscopy. Her current research will focus on environmental microbiology in the complex system of tailings/technosols-rhizosphere.   

Key Patents

1. A Method of Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification for Treatment of Low C / N Micro - polluted Water, ZL 2017 1 0269327.2
2. Multifunctional laboratory waste chemical reagent collector and waste chemical storage box, ZL 2014 1 0766805.7
3. A Microelectrode Biosensor for Oncogene Detection of Plant Gibberellin and its application, ZL 2016 1 0968998. 3                     

And other 25 patents.