Maureen Hassall is Professor and Director of the Sustainable Minerals Institute's Industrial Safety and Health Centre at The University of Queensland. Her expertise crosses the fields of industrial risk management, systems/process safety engineering and human factors. Maureen works collaboratively with industry professionals to develop better human-centred risk management and safety engineering approaches that improve companies’ operational performance and competitiveness. She also develops and delivers process safety, systems safety engineering, risk management and human factors training, education and expert advice to students and to industry. Her industry-focused research is motivated by 18 years of industry experience working in a number of different countries and in a variety of roles including specialist engineering, line management, organisational change and business performance improvement roles.

Research Interests

  • Integrated, intelligence driven risk management
    Creating whole-of-systems risk management approaches that utilitise Industry 4.0 advancements to help humans identify, and address the range of contemporary and emerging risks that can impact the operational competitiveness of an organisation. Developing evidence-based data analytics and leading indicators to produce and communicate intelligent insights that facilitate proactive and effective management and governance of critical operational risks.
  • Human factors in industry
    Developing and applying innovative, impactful and user-centred approaches that improve the design of work systems to better support industry practitioners decision making processes so they more effectively and successfully manage high hazard and safety critical systems.
  • Process Safety and Systems Safety Engineering
    Developing and testing innovations in socio-technical systems-based approaches that integrate inherently safe design, defence in depth, high reliability and operational resilience philosophies to improve the safety, integrity, reliability,and overall performance of industrial systems.