Rosie Blannin is a geologist and resource engineer with a strong basis in fieldwork, sampling, characterisation, geometallurgy and geostatistical modelling of mine waste deposits.

Rosie graduated with a BSc in Geology from the Imperial College London (2016) and an MSc from the Emerald Erasmus Mundus Masters (2018), a program focused on characterisation, processing and modelling in georesources engineering and undertaken at research institutions across Belgium, France, Sweden and Germany.

Professionally, Rosie has interned at CD Capital, a global natural resources and mining fund focused on early-stage exploration projects. After completing her MSc, Rosie undertook her PhD at Helmholtz Institute Freiberg as part of the SULTAN European Training Network for the Remediation and Reprocessing of Sulfidic Mining Waste Sites. Her PhD studies involved developing a method to assess the optimum sampling density and configuration for resource assessment of tailings deposits. Additionally, Rosie has implemented geostatistical modelling methods to improve the quality of grade-tonnage estimates for tailings deposits and has performed geometallurgical modelling to evaluate recoverable metal contents as well as the potential for acid mine drainage.

Currently, Rosie is involved in projects focused on sampling, characterisation and modelling of mine waste deposits across Australia at the WH Bryan Mining Geology Research Centre.

Specific areas of research include:

  • Representative sampling of tailings deposits
  • Characterisation of mine wastes, including geochemistry, mineralogy and geometallurgical properties
  • Geostatistical modelling of tailings deposits to assess resource potential, as well as use of 3D modelling programs
  • Geometallurgical modelling of mine wastes to evaluate environmental risks and recoverability of valuable components