Dr Nikodem Rybak, is a machine learning, natural language processing and complex systems research engineer at The University of Queensland.

Nikodem's main area of research is artificial intelligence-driven problem solving for complex systems including language, human economies and political systems, climate, nervous systems, cells and organisms, as well as modern information, energy and telecommunication infrastructures.

Nikodem holds a PhD in Computer Science from The University of Queensland, which focused on the application of machine learning, data reconstruction and signal processing for behavioral modelling. He has over 10 years’ experience working in industry and in academia developing and leading innovative projects in the areas of artificial intelligence, complex systems, machine learning and signal processing.


Nikodem is currently collaborating on artificial intelligence solutions for risk management, predictive analytics as well as natural language processing and advance data visualisation methods for Resourcing Decarbonisation Strategic Funding.

Nik is the program leader for the Artifical Intelligence Health Safety and Environmental Risk Management program.


Resourcing Decarbonisation Strategic Funding -- 818RD003