Dr. Christophe Krolik is professor of natural resources and energy law at Laval University, Quebec, Canada. As an expert on the legal aspects of the energy transition, he participates in several research projects in this field. Christophe also develops three original tools concerning the social aspects of mining projects. The first is a social risk index to identify and assess the conditions favouring or hindering the social factors of a given mining project for indigenous communities. The second tool intends to provide an assessment of how regulation can affect positively or negatively social risks of mining projects in five provinces and territories of Canada. The third tool is an analysis of the agreements that local communities can engage in to improve the social conditions of mining projects, which is established by comparing measures implemented in Canada, Europe, and Cameroon.

Christophe holds a PhD in energy law and a postdoctoral degree that he devoted to the right of access to energy. He is regularly consulted by public authorities in the context of reforms of the energy and mining sectors. His research projects are mainly carried out in transdisciplinary and comparative approaches. They usually bring together companies and representatives of communities to design useful and operational tools. Christophe regularly acts as a visiting academic in prestigious universities. 


The research projects of Christophe are carried out in close collaboration with companies in the energy and mining sectors and law firms.


Indigenous communities or their representatives participate in most of the research projects led by Christophe.

To know more about Christophe and his work, you may visit his YouTube channel @Minuteeclair (in French).