Angelica is an international speaker and community representative from Brumadinho, Brazil. Following the dam failure in 2019 where her sister was one of the 272 victims, she became an activist for justice, change, social responsibility and prioritizing of safety in the mining sector.  
She has spoken in several countries and events, including being a key-note speaker at the UN-supported PRI in Person in 2019 and shortly after that being in a European advocacy campaign where she met with several political representatives working on the issues of human rights and mining in particular, as well as with human rights defenders in Germany, Holland, Belgium. In London, she spoke at the Summit on Global Mining and Tailings Safety on the eve of the first anniversary of the tragedy. Angelica was also a guest speaker at the Global Launch Event of the New Industry Standard on Tailings Management. Since 2019 she has been a member of Avabrum, and in 2021 was invited to join the UN Global Tailings Management Institute Advisory Panel for the formation and establishment of the Global Tailings Management Institute. In 2022 she delivered presentations on “the social cost of tailings management” in Brisbane. This year she was invited to join the new Global Investor Comission on Mining 2030, launched by Principles for Responsible Investment with UNEP.

Over the past years Angelica has engaged with industries, both mining companies and private finance actors, to deepen their understanding of the situation of local communities. While doing so, she has been influential in identifying innovative actions which supports all steakholders of mining companies. 

Angelica is an MPhil student at CSRM, funded by the BHP Foundation and her research focuses on "Tailings failures and community consultation: pathways to diaster prevention".