Dr Grant Ballantyne specialises in energy efficient comminution, classification and liberation, focussed on industry applications supported by fundamental theoretical understanding. 

Industry engagement with strong scientific base has been core to Grant Ballantyne’s successes to-date.  His three research themes are: energy reduction, integration of comminution and flotation, and site optimisation.  His work is focussed on the reduction of energy consumed through hard-rock mining, specifically rock-breakage processes.  The measurement of liberation and recoverability is intrinsically involved in this objective. 

Grant has a proven record in applied mineral processing research and intends to increase the depth of fundamental, scientific knowledge in this discipline.    His research has gained industry recognition, especially through an international not-for-profit group CEEC. Grant has been involved in successful site-based industry research over the past eight years covering four continents and eight commodities. Within the JKMRC, he has organised and chaired the JKMRC Friday Seminars.  This is a well-known seminar series that has been active for over 50 years and is attended by many external collaborators and contributors.  Grant has been acknowledged by his peers within SMI in receiving the Excellence in Discovery and Innovation award at the SMI annual awards ceremony. In April 2018, Grant was awarded the Minerals Engineering International Young Person's Award for 2017.

Grant is passionate about equipping the next generation of metallurgists with the intellectual tools they will need, through undergraduate lecturing, postgraduate supervision and professional development courses. 


Dr Ballantyne's work with the Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (CEEC) has resulted in widespread global recognition and collaboration.  126 people have attended his energy curve workshops in South Africa and Canada, and over the next 18 months there are funds available and CEEC plans to have Grant conduct workshops in Chile, Peru, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville.  He has also developed the CEEC ‘Energy Curve’ internet portal, which is publically available on the web and contains weekly updates and encourages industry personnel to share and benchmark their comminution energy consumption.  Grant’s research has directly resulted in significant improvements in operating strategies at a number of international mining operations including; AngloGold Ashanti’s Sunrise Dam mine in WA, Anglo American’s Mogalakwena mine in South Africa, Fresnillo’s Saucito mine in Mexico, Newcrest’s Cadia mine in NSW, Anglogold Ashanti’s Tropicana mine, and Citic Pacific Mining’s Sino Iron Project operation in WA.


The mineral processing research community is relatively small and highly internationalised, and Dr Ballantyne has been involved in many collaborative research projects. He is an active member of the Global Comminution Collaborative (GCC) which includes members from Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Turkey, Sweden and Australia.  His involvement with the GCC has included developing research plans at workshops in South Africa and Germany, collaborating in research, and participating in site reviews in Australia, South Africa and Mexico.  He has also spent periods as a visiting scholar, using facilities and connecting with the research groups at Erlangen University (Germany), CSIRO (Melbourne, Australia) and the University of Cape Town (South Africa).  His publications have 38 different co-authors from around the world including eminent scholars such as professors Peukert (Germany), Mainza (South Africa), Tavares (Brazil), Ali (USA).

Key Publications

Ballantyne, G.R., Bonfils, B., Powell, M.S., 2017. Evolution of impact breakage characterisation: re-defining t-family relationship. International Journal of Mineral Processing (submitted 18/10/16).

Ballantyne, G.R., Hilden, M., van der Meer, F., 2017. Improved characterisation of ball milling energy requirements for HPGR products. Minerals Engineering (accepted 8/6/17)

Ballantyne, G.R., Powell, M.S., Benchmarking comminution energy consumption for the processing of copper and gold ores. Minerals Engineering, 2014, 65, 109-114.

Ballantyne, G.R., Peukert, W., Powell, M.S., Size specific energy (SSE)—Energy required to generate minus 75 micron material. International Journal of Mineral Processing, 2015, 136, 2-6.

Golev, A., Scott, M., Erskine, P.D., Ali, S.H., Ballantyne, G.R., Rare earths supply chains: Current status, constraints and opportunities. Resources Policy, 2014, 41, 52-59.

Full list of publications available on espace


2017    Extension of Energy Curves    Mets Ignited (Federal Government Growth Centre)
2017    Extension of Energy Curves    Queensland Government
2017    Size Specific Energy index measurement    Anglo American Centre for Sustainable Comminution
2017    Instrumented rolls crusher for measurement of minimum specific energy requirement for size reduction    UQ Major Research Faculty Fund
2016    Expansion of the ‘Energy Curve’ to include energy cost and CO2 emissions    CEEC
2016    JKMRC Process Improvement Tools – CORE 6 Extension    Anglo American Centre for Sustainable Comminution
2016    Newcrest Research Higher Degree Student Projects    Newcrest
2015    Linking comminution objective function to recovery potential    JKtech
2015    Expansion of the ‘Energy Curve’ to achieve critical mass of copper and gold mines internationally    CEEC

Completed Grants and Contracts

Year    Title of Completed Grant or Contract    Granting Agency
2016    Beneficiation energy efficiency     CRC ORE 
2016    Core Project 11 - Review of coarse grinding circuits and technologies    Anglo American Centre for Sustainable Comminution
2015    Core Project 7 – 2015 Site Reviews    Anglo American Centre for Sustainable Comminution
2015    Core Project 6 - JKMRC Process Improvement Tools    Anglo American Centre for Sustainable Comminution
2015    Calibration of V2 AG/SAG mill model    JKTech
2014    Sandvik Recycle Crushing Optimisation at Sino Iron Ore    Sandvik
2014    Sunrise Dam Comminution Circuit Survey    AMIRA P9P
2013    E-tech Element (Co, Ga, In, Te, Li, REE) Cycling and Concentration in Natural Systems: Magmas, Brines and the Critical Zone.    NERC
2013    Applying Industrial Ecology to the Mining Industry: The Rare Earth Supply Chain as a Prototype for Systems Solutions to Supply Constraints    NextMine
2012    An economic framework for quantifying the benefits of improving energy efficiency in the minerals industry    UQ