Wei Sung Ng’s research area is in froth flotation, with a focus on fine particle recovery and the separation of complex ores.

Wei Sung (Will)'s research looks at reducing the loss of valuables fines to the tailings, with a particular focus on copper, iron, gold, and lithium-bearing ores. He has also been involved in the synthesis and design of flotation reagent suites to optimise mineral separation while maintaining a high level of gangue rejection, as well as in projects surrounding the pressure oxidation of refractory arsenical gold ores, with a focus on arsenic fixation and treatment methods for preg-robbing native carbon. 

Will's primary interest surrounds the theme of waste valorisation in minerals processing, including the application of waste materials from other industries as feedstock for flotation reagents, the development of flotation-based approaches to derive value and improve recovery from mine tailings, and in the minimisation of energy and water usage in the treatment of hazardous and complex deposits. 

After graduating as a Chemical Engineer from the University of Melbourne, Will joined Newcrest Mining as a graduate metallurgist, where he was involved with plant operations and projects at Telfer and Lihir. He subsequently returned to the University of Melbourne to complete his PhD in Chemical Engineering, which involved the synthesis and application of novel polymers for the recovery of fine particles in froth flotation. Following his PhD, Will joined RMIT University as part of an ARC Linkage Project with Zijin Mining to develop a better understanding of arsenic behaviour in the pressure oxidation of gold and copper ores, and to investigate different treatment approaches for treating xomplwx refractory gold ores. Will is now a Research Assistant at the JKMRC as part of the Flotation Chemistry Group and a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne as part of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals.


Will’s projects are primarily industry-related studies with mining companies in Australia and China. 


Will has been involved in multiple joint projects with CSIRO, and has a range of ongoing and past collaborations with the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Monash University, and the University of Newcastle.