Numerical modelling of the influence of stressing mechanisms on preferential and grain boundary breakage

Kathleen Ranay's PhD project will focus on investigating the fundamentals of particle breakage at the mineral's grain boundaries.

Kathleen's research interests lie in the extraction and characterisation of rare earth elements. She holds a Master of Science in Material Science and Engineering from Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology (completed in 2022), where her thesis focused on 'Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Coal Fly Ash through Leaching with Mixed Acids.' This work was presented at the 7th PSHWM | CE-WM conference in 2023. Kathleen also has a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering from the Caraga State University (2015), and her undergraduate research explored surface water treatment of the Taganito Mining Corporation River.


Kathleen practiced in academe through research and instruction for aspiring mining/metallurgical/ceramics engineering students. After graduating from her masters, she transitioned to work as a lecturer, while undertaking a short role as a project laboratory assistant for a government funded research in sequestering rare earth metals from secondary resources in the Philippines. Kathleen is a Mining Engineer specialising in material science, mineral processing, characterisation, hydrometallurgy and data analysis.