Mine waste transformation through characterisation, landscape restoration and the environmental impacts of mining

Francesco Colombi's doctoral research centred on examining the legacy effects of historical gold mining on river catchments. His focus has now shifted to aspects of both historical and current mine tailings. This investigation aims to assess the potential for exploring critical metals and implementing strategies for rehabilitating contaminated sites.

Francesco earned a Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences from La Sapienza University in Rome (Italy). At the same university, he pursued a Master's of Science in Exploration Geology, completing this degree in 2015. Moving to Australia in 2018, Francisco earned a PhD in environmental Geochemistry at La Trobe University.

In 2017 Francesco worked as a field geophysics in Riom (France), contributing to ground investigation at GALLEGO TECHNIC GEOPHYSICS. In 2021 he worked as a geophysical consultant at GEOEXPLORER in San Giovanni Valdarno (Italy). Various methods were employed for environmental and applied surveys, including seismic refraction, reflection, gravimentry, geoelectric and GPR.