Benjamin Bonfils works in the filed of mineral processing and comminution circuits. He specialises in rock breakage testing and modelling of comminution processes.

Ore characterisation and breakage testing to measure primary rock properties governing breakage and size reduction.
Developing mathematical models for breakage and application of newly developed testing methodologies into comminution device modelling.
Plant surveys and audit: planning, logistics and training on comminution circuit surveys. Mass balancing and model fitting. Flowsheet simulations of comminution and classification circuits

Dr Benjamin Bonfils holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering on the development of an innovative mineral carbonation process for CO2 capture and storage, from the University of Toulouse, France. Benjamin joined the University of Queensland's Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) in 2012. During the last 5 years, Benjamin has been conducting research in comminution processing circuits, ore characterisation testing and process modelling and simulation.

Industry Engagement

Benjamin has maintained extensive front liaison with Anglo American as centre manager of the Anglo Centre for Sustainable comminution.
Other collaborative projects with the mining industry include: Weir Minerals Australia Ltd., Newcrest, CRC-ORE, AMIRA International (P9P project).


Benjamin provides critical support in the Global Comminution Collaborative (members include The University of Queensland’s SMI-JKMRC, Chalmers University (Sweden), the University of Cape Town, Haceteppe University (Turkey), Technische Universität Braunschweig (Germany), and the University of Rio de Janeiro. Benjamin is facilitating projects (proposal, execution and delivery) through collaborative communication and strengthen the relationship between institutes in order to grow stronger collaboration.

Key Publications

Bonfils, Benjamin (2017) Quantifying of impact breakage of cylindrical rock particles on an impact load cell. International Journal of Mineral Processing, 161 1-6.

Bonfils, B., Ballantyne, G.R., Powell, M.S., 2016. Developments in incremental rock breakage testing methodologies and modelling. International Journal of Mineral Processing 152, 16-25.

Julcour, C., Bourgeois, F., Bonfils, B., Benhamed, I., Guyot, F., Bodenan, F., Petiot, C. and Gaucher, E. C. (2014) Development of an attrition-leaching hybrid for direct aqueous mineral carbonation. Chemical Engineering Journal, 262 716-726.

F. Bodénan, F. Bourgeois, C. Petiot, T. Augé, B. Bonfils, C. Julcour-Lebigue, F. Guyot, A. Boukary, J. Tremosa, A. Lassin, E.C. Gaucher, P. Chiquet, 2014, Ex situ mineral carbonation for CO2 mitigation: Evaluation of mining waste resources, aqueous carbonation processability and life cycle assessment (Carmex project), Minerals Engineering, 59, 52–63

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Successful application at the UQ Major Equipment and Infrastructure (MEI): Instrumented rolls crusher for measurement of minimum specific energy requirement for size reduction.
Benjamin manages the Anglo Centre for Sustainable Contribution with a budget of 1 million dollars per year.