Songlin Wu is a Research Professor in Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He was awarded his PhD degree in RCEES, CAS in 2016. Songlin's work mainly focuses on rhizosphere and microbial driven biogeochemical processes in the mine tailings, for the establishment of advanced technologies towards sustainable mine site rehabilitation. He and his colleagues have established the technologies of eco-engineered pedogenesis and tailings-soil transformation to achieve biogeochemical stability and ecosystem build-up, opening a new pathway for sustainable ecological rehabilitation of mine tailings. This is different from the traditional view of remediation, which treated tailings as contaminated or degraded soils and used agricultural management and fertilisation methodologies to revegetate tailings.

Songlin has achieved “UQ Early Career Researcher Awards”, and intimately participated in various tailings rehabilitation projects co-funded by Australian Government and industry partners. He has published over 50 papers (half as first/corresponding author) in leading international journals in the field of Environmental Science and Ecology, with more than 1500 citations (Google scholar, till 1 April 2024).Songlin serves as the Section Editor of the journal Plant and Soil, Associate Editor of the journal Environmental Geochemistry and Health, and editorial board member of the journal Soil & Environmental Health. These together with his extensive experience in industrial mine trial engagement, increase his leadership in the area of tailing biogeochemistry and ecological rehabilitation.