A science graduate of The University of Queensland, Peter has always sought to apply science, where it adds understanding, to the management of health, safety and environment risks relevant to industry and our communities. A key component of this understanding has been the application of life cycle assessment and management methodologies across minerals and metals production and supply chains. In order to “know a product” an industry must know its value chain in all its dimensions.

Through participation in both national and international regulatory forums as a science advisor (through Rio Tinto), to both the Australian Government and the minerals industry, Peter has strongly advocated for the inclusion of peer-reviewed science as a foundation stone for the refinement and development of regulatory instruments. This advocacy has included the scientific characterisation of many mining industry products, by-products and wastes in order to understand and minimise their health, safety and environment risks.  

Importantly, this knowledge has then been communicated to regulatory authorities, for example for the Australian Risk Standard for Industrial Chemicals, the International Maritime Organisation’s Solid Bulk Cargoes Code and the development of Australia’s National Environment Protection Measures. Peter is a past board member of the World Ocean Council and Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (Pacific Chapter) and also a past member of the Australian Research Council’s College of Experts.

Peter has a special interest in the value of, and need for, improved communications between science and law and is a strong supporter of science-law double degrees. He believes that science and law are well placed to work more closely together using the evidence-based approach, to better achieve the protection of our health, safety and environment.