Charles Singer is an Industry Fellow at CSRM. Mr. Singer holds a BASc in Chemical Engineering, an MA in Development Economics and a PhD in Social Work with a specialty in community development.  In conjunction with this diverse educational background, Mr. Singer has broad experience in social planning and social impact, which includes work in the Philippines, Tanzania, Indonesia, Nepal, East Timor, Vietnam, Botswana, Brazil and northern Canada.  In completing the work, he has worked with various development related funding agencies. 

Over the past thirty-five years, he has had experience working as a development economist, a social research consultant, a development planner, a socio-economic impact analyst, a rural planning adviser and an academic. During that period he has conducted feasibility studies, has undertaken program/policy reviews and evaluations, and has been involved in organization assessment and change, as well as program and project management.  

Throughout his varied career, Mr. Singer has gained the ability to analyze problems and examine a range of alternatives in order to determine an optimal resolution. Having worked in government, education, the private sector and non-governmental agencies, he has developed strong analytic and interpersonal skills, with which he can work effectively in and among technical, economic and social environments.  A strong communicator, he works in partnership with clients and stakeholders in order to build understanding and ownership of the processes and strategies being developed.