Fitsum Weldegiorgis is an economist by training, with research and project interests on sustainable human development effects of economic activities; applying socio-economic theory and modelling to analyse impacts, advance policy reform and improve practice. 

Operating within the extractive industries, Fitsum has undertaken applied research through various projects involving extensive fieldwork and engagements with communities, companies, and government and non-government organisations.

Fitsum has delivered capacity building programs to practitioners, policy makers and key stakeholder groups from a number of countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. He has also delivered programs in the form of workshop design and delivery, workshop facilitation, presentations, lectures, training, and short courses.

Subject areas include:

-              Resource governance, transparency issues, and revenue management

-              Economic linkages, industrialization and diversification

-              Resettlement issues (relocation, livelihood restoration and economic development planning)

-              Socioeconomic and environmental impact assessment

-              Human development outcomes and poverty reduction

Experience working at more than 15 mining and energy sites internationally.

Country experience includes: Australia, Chile, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Rwanda, Solomon Islands, South Africa, and Sudan.  

Prior to joining CSRM, Fitsum worked as a project support officer for the Queensland Office for Regulatory Efficiency (QORE). He also conducted socio-economic research on Asia-Pacific working for the Foundation for Development Cooperation (FDC). After beginning his professional career as a budget officer for the Eritrean Ministry of Finance, a highlight of Fitsum’s work has been his role in working with human rights affected groups from across the East African region in Sudan. He also worked in the financial sector in South Africa.

Fitsum holds a Master of International Economics and Finance from The University of Queensland; a Baccalaureus Commercii Honores Degree in Money and Banking from the University of the Free State, South Africa; and a Bachelor of Economics from Asmara University, Eritrea.