International executive with 30+ years experience in managing social performance, human rights and sustainability risks in both emerging and developed economies in the context of the extractive sector. Career spanning work in over 30 countries.

A track record that blends strategy development, implementation planning and on the ground delivery. Unique experience gained through in-depth work at an operational level (asset), international financial institution (World Bank/country level) and corporate level within both the mining and oil and gas sectors for FTSE 10 companies (Rio Tinto and BG Group).

Intimate knowledge on how companies work including on - developing and successfully implementing an overall management system (policy, standards, assurance, reporting) and a group-wide change management programme; working across a project life cycle (asset and corporate); reporting and providing assurance to the Executive and Board.

Building and managing strong teams of high performing professionals which bring together a unique combination of excelling both at an individual level and as a team. .

Policy, technical and analytical skills on socio-economic assessments, social impact studies, consultation, resettlement and compensation strategies, mine closure.

Over 30 years of corporate and field experience working with local and Indigenous communities in Indonesia (Dayak Groups in East Kalimantan), Papua New Guinea, tribals in India and other minority groups in Malaysia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Australia.

Strong international network within the Social Performance and Sustainability fields in the extractive context.

Leading practitioner of partnerships between governments, companies and communities at local and national levels. Strong understanding of the benefits of collaboration and leveraging the different strengths of partners but also reasons for compromise in the interests of the bigger picture.