Associate Professor Kym Runge is a mineral processing engineer with over 20 years of experience in flotation circuit analysis using modelling and simulation techniques. 

Kym Runge's expertise in flotation was first developed at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) where she undertook a PhD on ore floatability modelling.  Kym's PhD work contributed to the AMIRA P9L International sponsored collaborative research project performed with the University of Cape Town.  The outcome of this research project was a floatability component simulation model which could be applied to diagnose and optimise a flotation process.  Kym played a leading role in the development of JKSimFloat, a flotation simulation program developed to be able to apply this research.  This program is used worldwide to perform flotation circuit simulation.  Since that time, Kym has supervised a number of PhD projects with the aim of modifying the flotation models to increase simulation accuracy and enhance model applicability.

Kym has applied her flotation modelling knowledge extensively to assist industry to improve its processes, working as a flotation consultant for JKTech and later for 10 years within Metso Mineral’s Process Technology & Innovation team.   During her time at Metso Mineral’s Process Technology she was also involved in research aiming to improving conventional flotation cell design to improve flotation recovery, especially of the coarse particles.

Kym is currently the program leader of the Separation program at the JKMRC.  The aim of this program is to develop novel or improved separation processes to achieve step change.  She is currently overseeing research into selective breakage using high voltage pulse, coarse particle flotation, classification, development of selective flotation reagents and microwave dewatering.  She also continues her work on flotation optimisation and modelling, with a particular emphasis on performing integrated grinding and flotation simulation.  Kym's passion and motivation is to undertake research that will make a difference and be applied in industrial mineral processing plants. 

In recognition of her research work at the JKMRC, Kym has received a number of awards:  Ian Morley Prize 1998, 1st Prize Annual JKMRC Postgraduate Conference 1996, Sulphide Corporation Postgraduate Award 2001 and the inaugural 2003 Queensland Smart State Women in Research Award.


Journal Article: A review of entrainment: mechanisms, contributing factors and modelling in flotation

Wang, L., Peng, Y., Runge, K. and Bradshaw, D. (2015) A review of entrainment: mechanisms, contributing factors and modelling in flotation. Minerals Engineering70 77-91. doi:10.1016/j.mineng.2014.09.003

Journal Article: Measuring turbulence in a flotation cell using the piezoelectric sensor

Meng, Jun, Xie, Weiguo, Brennan, Matthew, Runge, Kym and Bradshaw, Dee (2014) Measuring turbulence in a flotation cell using the piezoelectric sensor. Minerals Engineering, 1-10. doi:10.1016/j.mineng.2014.06.007

Conference Publication: A critical analysis of froth transportation models in flotation

Li, Chao, Farrokhpay, Saeed, Runge, Kym Cheri and Bradshaw, Dee J. (2014). A critical analysis of froth transportation models in flotation. In: XXVIl International Mineral Processing Congress - IMPC 2014: Conference Proceedings. XXVII International Mineral Processing Congress - IMPC 2014, Santiago, Chile, (112-120). 20-24 October 2014.

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