Eleonore Lebre started her PhD at the Sustainable Minerals Institute in July 2014. Her project focuses on applying industrial ecology thinking to the problematic of mining waste in the objectives of minimising waste and optimising resource extraction in the context of sustainable development. Prior to this, she completed a Master of Science in Industrial Ecology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway, in parallel with the competitive engineering curriculum in one of France’s Grandes Ecoles (Ecole Centrale Marseille).

Eleonore submitted her thesis in January 2018 and started a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship within the SMI's Complex Ore Bodies Strategic Program. As part of this program, Eleonore contributes to building the new Complex Ore Bodies "database" by including social and environmental data exploring the multiple complexities associated with operating mines and new discoveries. In this position Eleonore makes use of the experience she gained during her PhD at the Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation. This is one of the first postdoctoral positons to be appointed under the SMI Strategic Programs.