Marty Haase started his career in the US Navy in 1971, seeing six years of active duty.

In 1978, Marty began work as a start-up engineer in nuclear power plants for Bechtel Group.  After 18 years in the Power Division, he was transferred to the Mining & Metals Division as a Project Controls Manager. In 2015, Marty retired as a Principal Vice President of the Bechtel Group after a career which spanned 37 years and four continents.

In 2016, Marty became a Director of CSI, providing expert advice and support to clients on:

  • Organisational effectiveness
  • Corporate culture
  • Leadership development
  • Performance measurement/assessment
  • Policy & procedure
  • Coaching

Currently also an Adjunct Professor at University of Queensland’s Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI), Marty provides mentoring and coaching to the organisation’s leadership team. Marty’s ultimate goal at CSI is to scale the organisational and behavioural capabilities of large companies to improve the performance of small to medium sized companies.