Dr. Garry Marling is an accomplished technical and business / commercial manager, and has worked in the railway, construction and mining industries for the past 38 years. He has extensive global experience, consulting in systems, operational and occupational safety, risk management and security across diverse economic and political environments.  Garry coaches people at all levels of the business in making sense of risk.

By building on his strong relationships with regulatory bodies, he is able to help clients obtain and maintain operational accreditation and licensing, ranging from SME operations up to multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects.  Garry is also a certified OHS, environmental and quality auditor and an auditor examiner.  He has also conducted 'pre-qualified contractor’ audits for the Queensland State Government and ‘federal safety’ audits’ for the Australian Federal Government on their funded infrastructure programmes.

Garry works with client company boards as a risk, safety and security consultant, providing strategic advice on the risk exposure of the company. He also facilitates and conducts incident and accident investigations for clients where the issues or process may be too complex to handle internally or there is a need for independent advice.  As an expert witness, he has interpreted complex/technical risk and safety-related evidence.

His PhD thesis, ‘Optimising Risk Management Team Processes’ was undertaken through the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre at The University of Queensland.  He is an author and peer reviewer for a number of published risk, safety and security related academic papers, and is a sought-after presenter on these subjects internationally.  He is also the CEO of the College of People, Technology and Systems.

Garry is a commissioned officer in the Royal Australian Naval Reserves specialising in amphibious warfare, logistics over the sea and navigation.