Dr Guzmán is a specialist in extractive industries and social development with over fifteen years as researcher, private consultant and executive. He has significant experience working with indigenous populations, State institutions, civil society, and the private sector.  He also has experience designing and leading development projects, social analysis studies, community engagement strategies, and analysis of State policies in mining and gas. He identifies as a social anthropologist, having completed his Masters in International Development from the University of Bath and in Geography by the University of Oklahoma.

Having completed his PhD with CSRM, Dr Guzmán is eager to maintain his affiliation with UQ CSRM in order collaborate in pursuit of interests in:

1• Extractive industries and social management

2• Regional and rural development

3• Territory and political ecology of natural resources


Currently, Dr Guzmán is a Professor in the Department of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Management and Senior Management at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.