The Biogeochemistry of Zinc-Copper Metallophytes: Applications for Mine Site Remediation & Rehabilitation

Roger is undertaking his PhD on Australian Zn-Cu metallophytes (metal tolerant plants). He looks into the biogeochemistry of metallophytes growing on metal outcrops; assesses the tolerance and ecophysiology of these species; and, identify what applications they may have in regards to mining rehabilitation. Interested in the very small, using micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometry to assess the distribution of metals, to the very big, by assessing the site plant species composition using remote sensing, he aims to form a holistic view on how these unique plants can help mining companies meet their rehabilitation goals.


Roger has an interdisciplinary background in the environmental sciences, he holds an undergraduate degree with honours in Zoology from Anglia Ruskin University and two postgraduate degrees in Environmental and Earth Resources Management (Kingston University) and Ecological Surveying Techniques (University of Oxford).


The University of Queensland Centennial Scholarship; International Postgraduate Research Scholarship. 


Dr Antony van der Ent & Associate Professor Peter Erskine