Microbial Community Dynamics during Remediation of Bauxite Residue

Sicheng specialises in eco-engineered soil formation in mine tailings (e.g. bauxite residue or Cu-Pb-Zn mine tailings). Microbial processes, chemical engineering and interdisciplinary techniques are applied to look for strategies that effectively neutralise the alkaline and sodic bauxite residue and accelerate its pedogenesis. The change of solution chemistry, mineral phases and other parameters during soil formation will also be investigated.


Sicheng previously majored in geology and geochemistry. His work varied from the origin of metal deposits, to characterisation of physical and chemical properties of mantle minerals, to melting of Mercury’s mantle under extremely reduced conditions. Sicheng has shown keen interests in the environmental sciences since he was an Undergraduate. The environmental topics Sicheng loves include, but are not limited to, the effects of contaminated water on both environment and people’s health, and the methods using interactions between microorganisms and minerals to remediate the mining environment.

After graduating from Brown University, Sicheng decided to pursue ‘the remediation of mine tailings’ as his future path. The experiences Sicheng has acquired in Earth Science will advantage him to launch his environmental sciences career at The University of Queensland.

Selected Publications

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Professor Longbin Huang