Vegetation establishment in mine rehabilitation

Natasha undertakes a variety of field and laboratory research for various projects, mostly involving mine rehabilitation monitoring. Particular areas of interest are vegetation establishment and succession in mine rehabilitation, and fire ecology. Currently, Natasha's main research focus is on the rehabilitation of the Hey Point Bauxite Mine in Weipa, Far North Queensland. Natasha is also a nominated first aid officer at CMLR.


Natasha began her research career at CMLR in 2017 and is currently studying her Honour’s part-time with the University of the Sunshine Coast. Her Honours research focus is the early establishment of native species in the rehabilitation of the Hey Point Bauxite Mine. She has previously worked in the Green Army (Alexandra Headlands/Pelican Waters project) on the Sunshine Coast.


Natasha's engagement with industry includes Wik Timber and Green Coast Resources in Weipa and Glencore in Central Queensland. 


Natasha's current collaborations are with the University of the Sunshine Coast - Tropical Forests and People Research Centre.