Natasha is an ecologist undertaking remote sensing research and field research in mine disturbed areas

Natasha joined CMLR in 2017 after receiving a Bachelor of Environmental Science. She completed her Honours (Class I) research with the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2020, which focused on the early establishment of native framework species in the rehabilitation of the Hey Point Bauxite Mine (Weipa). Natasha undertakes a variety of remote sensing research, fieldwork and laboratory research for various projects, mostly involving mine rehabilitation. Particular areas of interest are vegetation establishment and fire ecology. Natasha is also a casual Research Assistant on projects with the Ecological Engineering of Mine Wastes group at CMLR, and a First Aid Officer. 


Natasha has collaborated with the University of the Sunshine Coast - Tropical Forests and People Research Centre for the Advance Queensland Innovation Partnerships project ‘Indigenous Employment, Forestry Livelihoods, Mining’. She has also engaged in projects with mining industry partners including Glencore, Green Coast Resources, Idemitsu, New Hope Coal and Coronado Coal Group, as well as timber-harvesting company Wik Timber Holdings.