Finding Sustainable Solutions for Climate Change Mitigation in Mining

Dr Mehdi Azadi is a chemical engineer and works on the development of climate change mitigation technologies within the mining industry. Rising standards of living worldwide have increased demands for metals and minerals that can only be satisfied by increased mining activities and the associated mining infrastructure. All of these mining sector activities contribute to the demand for minerals and metals, and consequently to global GHG emissions, which themselves are subject to predicted climate change effects.

Using an integrated approach that enhances climate change mitigation by making a comprehensive account of both sources and sinks of emissions within the mining supply chain, will help the mining industry, policymakers and regulators to better collect, verify, and analyse GHG emissions data, identify emission measurement gaps, and evaluate mitigation strategies and trade-offs that will reduce carbon emissions.

Mehdi's research has focused on technical solutions that mitigate and offset the environmental impacts of mining activities using innovative and sustainable solutions that support the mining industry, which enables our modern lifestyle.


After completing his Bachelor and Master degrees in Chemical Engineering, Mehdi obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering, at The University of Queensland to which he held one of Australia’s most prestigious scholarship for research higher degree (IPRS). With an extensive knowledge base and broad skill set, he has forged a successful career that includes mining waste management, mineral processing, surface chemistry, particle technology, process engineering, separation technologies, and project management, all of which were developed and strengthened in the Academic, Resource, Mining, and Oil & Gas sectors.

As a highly competent research scientist and engineer in a multidisciplinary area, his work contributes to various industries by improving traditional methods and achieving higher quality products and a cleaner environment.