Researcher biography

Brunilde holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Sustainable Development from the University of Strasbourg.

Research Focus

Corporate Social Responsibility, Social data research and analysis, Resettlement and Organisational performance


Initially specialised in sustainable management best-practices, Brunilde is committed to promoting positive links between industrial performance and genuine environmental and social protection. She is currently participating to the compiling and analysis of what will become the first searchable public dataset on mining and resettlement. This work is part of the Mining, Resettlement and Livelihoods Consortium, supported by core contributions from Newmont, Newcrest, Rio Tinto, MMG and Anglo American and The University of Queensland.

Previously, she worked on a PhD thesis focusing on the association of Lean manufacturing and Environmental management as a way to help manufacturing industries cope with societal challenges and foster their business excellence.


Brunilde has liaised with several major companies and SMEs during her participation in the "Lean and Green Project" supported by regional governmental and economic development agencies in France. She has participated in several on-field studies and in developing ad hoc solutions for manufacturing industries.


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