Louisa Rochford is a hydrogeologist with twenty years of experience. She has had a diverse career working in research, consulting, and government. Louisa’s main areas of expertise include hydrogeological investigations, impact assessment, groundwater resource management, and contaminated land management. She has worked across a range of sectors including mining, energy, transport, and agriculture and her experience includes leading complex groundwater and surface water investigations for project approvals, operations, and compliance, and developing water resources legislation and policy.

Louisa is in the final stages of completing her PhD. Her PhD project involved metering of 42 private water supply bores to improve understanding of groundwater extraction for stock and domestic use in the Surat Basin, Queensland. Louisa has also recently completed a project for The Australian National University developing draft National Guidelines for Groundwater Monitoring in Australia.

Research reports

Rochford, L., McLean, W., Scarffe, S., and Brown, S. (2011) Characterisation of hydrogeochemistry and risks to groundwater quality. Impact of pumping on groundwater quality: National Water Commission, Raising National Water Standards Program. Report prepared for the NSW Office of Water.