Miguel specialises in monitoring and modelling of atmospheric pollution

During my PhD I investigated the use of low cost and light weight sensors that could be transported by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to collect reliable data on atmospheric pollution. The device and models developed proved successful as a relative methodology to monitor and calculate dust emission rates and concentrations.
Currently, I continue my investigation in the use of low cost sensors and UAVs for particles and gases, to monitor atmospheric emissions from extractive industries and transport (shipping and roads).


I recently concluded my PhD at The University of Queensland - Sustainable Mineral Institute (August 2018) in the “Design and development of a methodology to monitor PM10 dust particles produced by industrial activities using UAV’s”. In addition to this most recent achievement, I also finished a Masters in Environmental Management (2009), and have 9 years of experience as an Environmental Engineer. I am currently a researcher at the Department of Environment and Science of the Government of Queensland, in the Emission and Air Modeling team (EIA). 


Associate Professor Peter Erskine