Colloid & interface science, computational molecular science & organo-mineral interactions


Dr Tuan Nguyen has evolved in a wide range of research activities in the fields of colloid and interface science, and their practical applications in various disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts, including agriculture, environment, and oil/gas/minerals processing.

Tuan's recent contributions to the field have been a series of studies on the heat and mass transfer of evaporating nanofluid droplets, self-assembly of nanoparticles within confined spaces, assembly of peptides into conducting-fibril, assembly of polymers and their interaction with other micro- (surfactants) and macro-(dsRNA) molecules.

Tuan recently joined the Sustainable Minerals Institute to work on research to develop cost-effective and sustainable technologies for rehabilitating mine waste tailing.

HDR projects available:
  1.  Adsorption and Precipitation of Complex Ferric Polymers on Mineral Surfaces
  2. Natural-fiber reinforced mineral-gel based composites as Functional Materials in Remediation and Rehabilitation of Contaminated Environments
  3. From discrete to micro-/macro-aggregated structures of mine tailing subjected to effective stress and weathering process: Trajectory of Pedogenesis
  4. Preferential Fluid Flow and Salt Efflorescence within Heterogeneous Structure of Mine Tailing Deposits
  5. Understanding Fate and Transport of Fine and Ultra-fine Particulate Matters in Mining Environment
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