Andolepe Diya Sand joined the Centre for Social Responsibility (CSRM) in August 2018 as a casual research analyst focused on Papua New Guineas Extractive Industry Projects. Andolepe Diya worked in a world class gold mine in Papua New Guinea prior to moving to Australia. Her expertise is in developing effective and appropriate participatory consultation and data collection tools and methodologies reflects the specific needs and capacities of target groups in indigenous project areas

Andolepe Diya hold a BA in Social Science, majoring in Public Policy Management and International Relations from the University of Papua New Guinea.

Research Focus

Resettlement, gender, sustainable community development, interface between large scale mining and artisanal small-scale mining as well as corporate social responsibility.

Andolepe Diya initially specialised in social monitoring and resettlement of mine impact communities in Papua New Guinea. She is committed to developing policies aimed at promoting gender and the equal distribution of extractive industry wealth. Andolepe Diya is currently engaged with projects which involves Women in Mining communities, Resettlement and the Interface between large scale mining and artisanal small-scale mining in Papua New Guinea.