Researcher biography

Specialises in ore pre-concentration using high voltage pulses, and flotation of soluble salt minerals

Mainly focus on exploring the feasibility of high voltage pulses (HVP) application in the mineral processing industrial for ore pre-concentration purposes. A more advanced methodology is developed for pre-concentration tests which allows HVP to differentiate particles by its own propensity so that the selective nature of HVP is utilised to the greater extent. The method has the benefit of concentrating HVP generator energy into the metal-bearing particles whereas a small proportion of energy is devoted to the barren particles, thus, achieving lower energy consumption and higher energy transfer efficiency in comparison with the single particle test method.

Wei Huang is currently studying a PhD under the supervision of Dr Frank Shi

Key Publications

Duan, C.L., Diao, Z.J., Zhao, Y.M., Huang, W., 2015. Liberation of valuable materials in waste printed circuit boards by high-voltage electrical pulses. Minerals Engineering 70, 170-177.