Sandy is a social researcher and communication management specialist. Her research interests are centred on subnational governance of industrial development – mining, oil and gas extraction, power generation (including renewables) and ancillary infrastructure (pipelines and transmission lines). She is interested in the interface between governance actors (Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, proponents and governments) at local, regional and state/provincial levels and how they seek to enhance the benefits from industrial development and avoid or mitigate its adverse impacts.

Much of her research has been focused on the social risks associated with mine project development, mine closure and the transition of mining regions to post-mining alternatives.

Sandy has extensive experience working across the mineral resources sector – on site, in a corporate environment, in government, consulting, not-for-profit and research. She brings practical industry knowledge to her applied research projects and enjoys working in interdisciplinary teams.

Sandy joined CSRM in 2019 after completing her PhD at the centre. Her doctoral research examined how coal mining project teams in Australia construct and assess social risk.


Through her research projects, Sandy works with a range of resources companies, peak industry bodies and government departments, including Anglo American, BHP, CSIRO, EITI, ICMM, MMG, OceanaGold, OZ Minerals, Newmont, Queensland Office of the Coordinator-General, Queensland Resources Council and Rio Tinto.


Sandy’s research projects involve collaboration with other SMI centres, universities, industry partners, communities, and Indigenous peoples and their representative organisations.

Key publications

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