Energetic, innovative and astute PhD qualified Senior Executive with extensive experience in Global Mine Closure Planning and Implementation, Operations Management leading multidisciplinary teams, Integrated Mine Planning, Community Engagement and Relationship Management as well as Government Liaison. Recognised internationally as an expert in Mining Rehabilitation and Closure, with a history of coaching and mentoring future generations of mining professionals. Currently actively pursuing non-executive board positions to use more than two decades in the mining industry as well as almost ten years in research and academic positions, bringing a multidisciplinary skillset to governance with sustainability in mind.


Dr Grant completed his Honours thesis on seed ecology and his Doctorate on fire ecology both in Alcoa’s rehabilitated bauxite mines in Western Australia, both at The University of Western Australia. Dr Grant was a Senior Lecturer at the University of New England for five years (1997-2001). During this time, he developed one of the first focused units on ecosystem rehabilitation, supervised more than 50 students, published more than 60 refereed papers and secured over $1 M in competitive. Dr Grant has continued to publish articles following his transition to industry roles in 2001.


  • Strong stakeholder engagement, facilitation and management skills at all levels of seniority, with a large network of senior and influential professionals in government, regulatory authorities and multiple industries worldwide.
  • Project management of large site closures ($100 million to $1 billion), managing multidisciplinary teams.
  • Capacity, knowledge and experience to engage and contribute meaningfully across technical, commercial, financial, marketing and compliance dimensions.
  • Excellent practical appreciation of legal and regulatory compliance requirements, supplemented by experience in indigenous affairs, environmental impact and heritage management.
  • Strong analytical skills drawn from experiences in investigating and managing financial, marketing, technical, environmental, political and socio-economic exposure and risk.
  • Well-developed leadership skills with broad experience in mentoring and coaching colleagues, engineers and senior management, building motivated and high-performance professional teams.
  • Extensive operational management, business strategy development, planning and implementation skills.
  • Astute financial management and problem-solving skills, with a history of successful business re-engineering and continuous improvement.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills as well as many public speaking roles at conferences and addressing senior management on a diverse range of issues.


Select publications below. Full list available on request.
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