Flavio Andre is developing a continuous integrated High Voltage Pulse system.

Flavio is a PhD Scholar at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre. His project aims to develop and evaluate a continuous integrated HVP system that can suit the requirements of ore pre-concentration and pre-weakening in a continuous operation mode. 

Flavio holds a Master’s Degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He specialised in comminution and implemented and validated a detailed empirical-phenomenological model that characterises all the relevant aspects of body breakage in one of the most used DEM commercial platform available nowadays. His work during this period also included the use of dry rare-earth magnetic separation to investigate a novel approach to remove contaminants from manufactured fine aggregates for concrete production, as well as for the use as fluxing agent and stabiliser in amber glass production.


Key publications

André, F. P., Tavares, L. M. (2020). Simulating a laboratory-scale cone crusher in DEM using polyhedral particles. Powder Technology372, 362–371.

Tavares, L. M., André, F. P., Potapov, A., & Maliska, C. (2020). Adapting a breakage model to discrete elements using polyhedral particles. Powder Technology, 362, 208–220.

André, F. P., Miceli, H., Moura, L. C., Neumann, R., & Tavares, L. M. (2019). Upgrading a manufactured fine aggregate for use in concrete using dry rare-earth magnetic separation. Minerals Engineering, 143.

Moura, L. C., André, F. P., Miceli, H., Neumann, R., Tavares, L. M. (2019). Manufactured Feldspar-quartz Sand for Glass Industry from Gneiss Quarry Rock Fines Using Dry Rare-earth Magnetic Separation. Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review, 40(5), 333–343.