Lynda is the Training and Knowledge Transfer Manager at the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining in the Sustainable Minerals Institute and has worked in the corporate training space both in Australia and overseas for many years.

She is responsible for all aspects of the Centre’s training offerings including recent on line programming . She has also designed and led CSRM’s local economic and social development training programs in Africa and Australia. She is committed to ensuring that these types of developments include the voices of women and youth.

She has extensive experience in Africa, having led training programs in 13 different countries. Her special interest is in Madagascar where her work has focused on remote and vulnerable populations, particularly female miners. She has designed materials and led field training for these women funded by Tiffany and Co Foundation, DFAT and GIZ. 

She is particularly interested in gendered impacts of large and small scale mining . Her PhD thesis examined Opportunities and challenges for women’s’ empowerment in the gemstone value chain in Madagascar and Thailand

Key Publications

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