Andrea is a research analyst and an MPhil student with interests in spatial data analysis, drivers and consequences of regional economic disruptions and land-use planning.

Andrea has a Forestry Engineering degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and has work experience in Australia, the United States and Chile.

Andrea joined CSRM in July 2019 as an MPhil student and is currently undertaking her research under the supervision of Dr John Owen and Dr Kamila Svobodova.

Andrea’s MPhil project aims to design an assessment framework for post-mining land-use determination to provide experts and stakeholders with a tool to support post-closure decisions processes. The framework considers environmental, economic, social and technical criteria that are analysed using GIS software and a Multi-Criteria Decision-Making methodology. The implications of Andrea’s research can significantly contribute to final land use planning for mine closure in various mining regions.

Publications and Conferences:

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