Niranjan Adhikari holds a double Masters in both Statistics and Physics.

Niranjan's Master of Statistics specialised in Operations Research and his Master of Physics specialised in theoretical physics.

Niranjan excels in data wrangling, visualisation, data assurance and predictive modelling using machine learning.

Niranjan commenced undertaking a PhD at JKMRC in early 2020, with the working title:

Developing Machine Learning algorithm for Multistate Calibration of Integrated Simulation of Mineral Processing Plants.

Niranjan’s project is to develop Machine Learning algorithm for integrated multistate simulation capability, the capability and advanced simulation features of such a modelling approach separating it from other simulation approaches. The primary aim of the multistate calibration project is to be able to define numerous calibrations for each of the process models within a circuit; this will then allow the changing between these calibrations based on various in operating conditions.

Niranjan project will put the Integrated Simulation capability in a unique space, as it will be the first simulation of this kind. Its development is an important step towards a better understanding of the inter-dependency of mining-related activities when a holistic approach is taken to optimise value across these activities in an integrated manner