David Doley works on environmental plant physiology and forest tree physiology.

The definition of realistic land restoration goals and criteria is essential for successful mine planning and closure. These goals depend on an objective and detailed analysis of the physical and biological factors that determine landscape condition, ecosystem development, and the ecological and social benefits that may be delivered. Understanding and managing the interactions between plants and the environment are key contributors to optimal post-mining land use.

Education: DipFor (Aust.For.Sch), MSc (WAust), DPhil (Oxf)
Employment: Forests Dept of Western Australia (1962-64); University of Michigan (1967-68); University of Oxford (1969-71); University of Queensland (1971-2002).
Post-employment: Honorary positions, The University of Queensland (2003-2018)


Consultant to Aluminium Development Council and constituent entities on vegetation matters (1973-2014); consultant to industries on effects of air pollution on vegetation, especially fluoride, sulfur dioxide, ozone and particulate matter.