Nena is a water resource engineer with more than 10 years of experience in research, training and consulting. Her research interests primarily focus on improving knowledge-on and management-of regional water resources both today and into the future.

Nena Bulovic's research career has been diverse covering different aspects related to water resources, including climate change impact assessment, regional planning, water balance studies, sediment dynamics and freshwater ecosystem restoration. She is particularly interested in the application of remotely sensed data in data scarce regions including the Chilean and Peruvian Andes mountains, Mongolia, semi-arid Qld and NSW. As such, Nena has become proficient in various scientific programming languages and passionate about the opportunities of “big data”. Her research has been valuable to different stakeholders including the mining and gas industry, graziers, regulators, and environmental managers.

Her current role at SMI is focussed on the improvement of mine management and closure planning under climate change.