Nevenka specialises in hydrology and water resource management, particularly at larger spatial scales (regional, catchment)

Nevenka's particular research experience and interests include:
• Groundwater recharge and basin-scale groundwater use/extraction
• Remote sensing applications in hydrology (rainfall, floodplain flood dynamics)
• Systematic approaches for catchment management and restoration
• Hydraulic influence on sediment dynamics

Nevenka is a civil engineering and also has a background in freshwater ecosystem management. Nevenka completed a BSc (Engineering) with an honours year focussing on hydrology, hydraulics and sediment dynamics. The key focus of Nevenka's MSc was developing optimisation-based methods to guide river basin restoration. Nevenka joined CWiMI in 2014 to work on a number of hydrogeology and water resource management projects, located both in Australia and abroad. Previous research work has investigated hydrology and ecosystem dynamics of semi-arid floodplain environments. Nevenka also has consultancy experience in civil engineering design.

Nevenka started her PhD with CWiMI in late 2016. Her project will be investigating precipitation variability and change in the data-scarce high Andes, utilising a combination of rain gauge data and remote sensing products. The project will develop new, high-altitude precipitation datasets that will have application in climate studies, water resource and natural hazard management. This work will be relevant to both high altitude mine sites and the broader region.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Civil)(Honours) – Cum Laude, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Master of Science, University of New England, Australia

European Geophysical Union
International Association of Hydrogeologists - Australia


As a part of her PhD, Nevenka is engaging with a number of major mining companies operating across Chile and Peru, including Codelco, Anglo American, Glencore and Newmont.

Key Publications

McIntyre, N., Bulovic, N., Cane, I., and McKenna, P. (2016). A multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the impacts of mines on traditional uses of water in Northern Mongolia. Science of the Total Environment, 557-558: 404 – 414, doi:

James, C.S., Bulovic, N., and Naidoo, E. (2011). Modes of bed-load movement on a smooth rigid surface. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 137: 1283 – 1286.

Lechner, A.M., McIntyre, N., Bulovic, N., Kujala, H., Whitehead, A., Webster, A., Wintle, B., Rifkin, W., and Scott, M. (2015). A GIS tool for land and water use planning in mining regions. In: T. Weber, M. J. McPhee and R. S. Anderssen, MODSIM2015: 21st International Congress on Modelling and Simulation. Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand. International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia, (1359-1365). 29 November to 4 December 2015.