Mechanism of haloalkaliphilic organo-heterotrophic bacteria driving carbonhydrate metabolism in bauxite residues

The project is expected to undertake focused research on molecular microbial ecology and biology of haloalkaliphilic bacteria in alkaline tailings (such as bauxite residues). The main purpose is to develop the ecological restoration engineering technology of alkaline bauxite residue.


Molly obtained M.S. in Molecular Biology at the University of Queensland, and she has worked in the UQCCR Exosomes Biology Lab group for one year. Her project aimed to identify and characterise exosomal proteins associated with ovarian cancer progression, and to validate the expression of these proteins by using MRM and LC-MS/MS. The background study of biotechnology and chemistry will help her current work in the field of haloalkaliphilic microbes.


Dr Fang You and Professor Longbin Huang