Beneficial use of final voids for catchment-scale water management

Recently, there have been discussions in the public domain about the potential for mine pit lakes to play a positive role in regional water management and support economic post-mining land uses such as irrigated agriculture. This project will construct conceptual and numerical groundwater-pit lake models, focusing on groundwater and pit lake interactions.  Innovative approaches to representing the interface between pit lakes and groundwater systems will be sought. Case studies will be used to evaluate models against observed pit lake and groundwater level data. 


Maryam completed her Bachelor and Master's degree in water resource engineering at University of Tehran. During Master's thesis, in order to analyze the uncertainty of groundwater model output, she focused on the uncertainty of hydraulic conductivity and specific yield and their impacts on the model outputs. 


After graduation from University, Maryam started working at the University of Tehran as a research assistant . Also, she was employed in a company as a water resources expert. After moving to Australia, she started to work at University of Queensland as a visiting researcher under supervision of Professor Neil Mcintyre and Dr Carlos Ordens.


Professor Neil McIntyre, Dr Carlos Miraldo Ordens, Dr Rodrigo Rojas, Associate Professor Phil Hayes