Marko specialises in comminution and simulation and modelling of comminution processes, including mineral liberation.

Marko’s main research interest is in advancing capabilities in simulating and modelling of comminution processes and assessing their performance. For the past few years, he has been developing a comprehensive revision of the JKMRC AG/SAG variable rates mill model which is designed to enable improved prediction of production-scale milling performance. His current mill modelling research is extending the SAG mill models to work with multi-component feeds and within dynamic simulators for on-line process prediction. His equipment specialisation also extends into HPGR, stirred milling, screening, and other similar equipment. Marko also has extensive experience in circuit modelling and simulation and developing new circuit simulation tools to deal with multi-component simulation problems, novel circuit configurations and linking comminution to separation processes through modelling the mineral liberation process.

Marko is a mineral processing engineer and has worked as a comminution researcher at the JKMRC for the past 10 years where he mainly collaborates on industry-focussed comminution projects and advises post-graduate students. His PhD research on “A dimensionless analysis approach to modelling industrial screening” included being awarded the Ian Morley prize in 2007. Marko has 7 years industry experience working as a project metallurgist at a large iron-ore operation in Western Australia and as a technologist in a coal research and technology group in Melbourne before joining the JKMRC.


Marko's projects are industry-focussed involving many of the major mining companies in Australia, Africa and the Americas. These projects have often involved extended site-based investigations.


Marko regularly collaborates with international research centres and universities of the Global Comminution Collaborative and has worked with other universities, suppliers of mining equipment and the CSIRO.

Key Publications

Hilden, Marko M. and Powell, Malcolm S. (2017) A geometrical texture model for multi-mineral liberation prediction. Minerals Engineering, 111 25-35. doi:10.1016/j.mineng.2017.04.020

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