Water-related risks for the mining industry in South America

Consuelo is currently studying the Master of Environmental Management, she is doing her master's thesis under supervision and with collaboration of SMI researchers. Consuelo's thesis aims to understand the water-related risks for the mining industry in South America considering the use of water-related indicators and aggregated composite scores to characterise the three dimensions of water-related risks: physical, regulatory and reputational.


Consuelo is studying for a Masters of Environmental Management and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Graduate Diploma in Project Management. Consuelo has 6 years experience in socio-environmental management in the mining industry in Peru and Australia. Her work has been focused on environmental impact assessment, mine closure plan, assuring compliance of socio-environmental commitments; environmental monitoring and reporting, permitting for exploration and operation projects; community engagement, water management, and risk assessment.


Consuelo has participated in the development of Socio-environmental Impact Assessments, permits and socio-environmental strategies for mining projects in Peru for BHP, Anglo American, Rio Tinto, Glencore, and others.