Soil physics and hydrology

Yusong Wang combines numerical modelling with small and large-scale measurement, and inverse modelling to improve understanding and predictability of the soil and plant continuum. He engages in the iterative research cycle including hypothesis formulation, experimental design, data collection, and model-data analysis. His research interest includes but is not limited to: (i) water flow and solute transport processes in the soil and plant continuum, (ii) numerical modelling, (iii) characterisation and measurement of the unsaturated soil hydraulic properties, (iv) preferential flow in microporous soils and fractured rock, (v) transport of colloids, viruses, bacteria, and nanoparticles.

Before joining UQ, Yusong worked at CSIRO and universities in the US. He obtained BSc degree in Environmental Chemistry from Nanjing University and completed his PhD at University of California, Riverside.