Tash commenced at the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) in June 2021 and has over a decade of experience working in the research and innovation portfolios across universities in Queensland and New South Wales.

She is the SMI Senior Manager and Research Contracts lead in research partnerships, consultancy, negotiation, development, and management, and has applied commercial law expertise to manage legal problem solving, contract interpretation and drafting, intellectual property, licences, commercial engagements, contractual agreements, regulatory government and business processes, and to develop, advise, and implement public policy.

Tash is a highly motivated and driven professional that strives to facilitate impactful relationships between UQ researchers and external partners, ranging from industry and government departments to the private sector. Tash has extensive experience in the University Higher Education sector in both student facing and industry facing roles, and is a strong advocate for diversity, social justice, gender equality, empowering people to achieve a shared vision, to act with integrity, and to embrace opportunities and creative approaches to transform ways of doing things. She strives for innovative and collaborative thought leadership and engagement looking to bring research exploration and opportunity together.