Strategic review of Communities and Social Performance (CSP) capacity


The aim is to conduct a review of CSP capaciaty within a partner organisation and the broader industry. The review will consider: (i) the positioning of CSP within the organisation, (ii) on-the-ground practice, and (iii) performance outcomes. It will also benchmark the organisation against its peers.

To be effective at the mine-community interface, companies will need to develop and mobilise these four areas of technical capability – concurrently:

  • understanding the mining business
  • capacity in specialist domains of work
  • social science methods and modes of analysis
  • engaging mainstream business processes

Social performance professionals must have a working understanding of the mining business, and its activities and effects on the local environment in order to apply specialist social performance knowledge and methods. Influencing technical decisions requires company personnel to articulate discipline specific knowledge through mainstream business processes. Concurrent application of these capabilities will enable the change and innovation that supports technical excellence. 


Sustainable Minerals Institute

A Corporate sponsor

A selected group of mining companies