The new UQ Brand officially rolled out on 1 October. The Vice-Chancellor flagged the coming changes and the reasoning in July (see this video for further explanation).

A master UQ brand ensures that everything done in the name of The University of Queensland supports and builds its reputation, and aligns to the One UQ principle. As the Institute is part of UQ, it's important we embrace the changes.

Key elements of the new brand are:

  • A simplified and modernised UQ logo, which sits separate from school, faculty and Institute names
  • A graphic device inspired by our coat of arms and the letter Q which will help build a visually recognisable identity for UQ
  • A revised colour palette - purple remains our primary colour, but is a slightly different purple

Detailed brand guidelines have been produced and a suite of templates can now been downloaded. Additional templates will be added in due course.

Changes for the Sustainable Minerals Institute:

  • SMI and its Centres will no longer have separate logos or colour palettes
  • The new UQ logo is to be used on all correspondence along with the correct colour palette
  • Only use two entity names in the badging of promotional materials – one of them must always be UQ. For presentations/ reports academics can include  centre affiliation along with name and title (if you wish to use the centre affiliation on branding please liaise with your centre director)
  • Acronyms are not to be used in headings – the institute and centre names need to be written in full in the first instance, the abbreviation may be used subsequently in text
  • All new promotional material needs to be approved by OMC until the new branding is bedded in. If you require brochures / flyers etc please let us know
  • Current branded materials such as pull up banners, signage, corporate gifts, conference giveaways will be phased out over time, there is no need to throw everything out immediately. Any new materials being ordered should follow the new guidelines

Action required

Contact the marketing and communications team