Mining the corporate memory

23 May 2017

An innovative approach to capture the corporate knowledge from text and numbers

A collaborative initiative by JKMRC and Endellion

Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC) in collaboration with Endellion Technology (Endellion) have developed a new initiative which leverages the power of advanced data analytics and text analytics to enhance the application of data produced in the modern concentrator. Both the on-line instrumental measurements that are acquired by the Distributed Control System (DCS), ‘structured data’, and written material in the form of shift and assay reports and other technical documents, ‘unstructured data’, forms the “corporate memory”.

It is the purpose of the proposed project to demonstrate how the corporate memory, recorded in numbers and text (including handwriting), can be recovered in a form which can be used by plant operators, metallurgists and managers to improve operational practice and strategic thinking. 

In the demonstration project numerical data from the plant DCS, together with any relevant written material such as shift reports and other technical and assay reports, will be acquired in digital form, covering an extended continuous historical operating period, e.g. one year.  These data sets will then be processed using specialist analytical software, and interpreted by domain experts in cooperation with plant staff, to develop an improved understanding of how and why performance can be non-optimal under certain circumstances, and so develop strategies to avoid performance losses. 

The project is currently seeking potentials sponsors for a one-year demonstration project.

If you are interested in participating or receiving further information, please contact:                 

Dr Mohsen Yahyaei, JKMRC

Phone: 07-3346-5989


Richard Marshall, Endellion

Phone:  0421-728404