3 Aug 2015

Congratulations to our RHD students who attended their graduation ceremonies in the last few weeks. Pictured above are CMLR students Qi Shao and Mingrui Yaun (centre) with Thomas Baumgartl, Longbin Huang, Dion Weatherly and David Mulligan; and Alan Catalan from BRC.

Congratulations are also in order for all of our students who have been conferred their degrees or will be, subject to final changes, in Semester 1.

Snezana Bajic PhD JKMRC Measuring the Liberation Kernel

Janina Beyer PhD CWiMI Microbial Communities in an Ephemeral Stream System and the Implications of Saline Mine Discharge

Alex Catalan PhD BRC Implementation and assessment of intensive preconditioning for cave mining applications

Xumeng Chen PhD JKMRC The Effect of Regrinding Chemistry and Particle Breakage Mechanisms on Subsequent Cleaner Flotation

Tristan Cooke PhD MISHC Human Factors Methods to Design Safer Mobile Mining Equipment

Imad Haidar PhD BRC Multi-step forecasts of complex dynamical systems using soft-computing tools, with application to crude oil returns

Yuni Rusdinar PhD CMLR Geochemical Processes Controlling the Distribution and Long Term Stability of Heavy Metals in Mine Tailings Deposited in Rivers; the case study of ModADA, Papua, Indonesia

Qi Shao PhD CMLR Surface Hydrological Modelling for Rehabilitated Landforms

Mingrui Yuan PhD CMLR Role of organic and inorganic amendments in aggregation of base metal mine tailings

Geordan Graetz PhD CSRM Uranium Companies and Traditional Owners: Negotiating the Intersection of Risk and Rights

Ruolin Wu PhD  CWiMI Understanding hyporheic exchange in ephemeral streams for saline discharge regulation

Anand Datar PhD CMLR Quantification of landform heterogeneity and investigating its relationships with ecological patterns in broad-scale post-mine rehabilitation

Gerardo Castillo PhD CSRM Transforming Andean Space: Local Experiences of Mining Development in Peru

Vini Nanjappa MPhil CWiMI Influence of calcium on the toxicity of a saline solution to Ephemeroptera, Austrophlebioides AV11

Daniel Mitchell MPhil JKMRC Improved Relationships for Discharge in SAG/AG Mills

Ruth Fuller PhD MISHC The impact of non-technical issues on decision-making by coal mining incident management teams